• You get exactly what you paid for.
  • You can test drive your new car on your jobsite for 15 days or 350 miles.


  • Contact us to arrange the return of your car and a full refund. No questions asked.
  • Drop the car to the delivery point you picked it up from. We’ll do the rest.

Buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions on the purchase of Buy-Back Guarantee:

  • The Buyer must initiate the request for buyback on the 15th day after the online purchase date. The purchase date will be considered as day 0. The request has to be initiated via email. 
  • For a buyback request, the vehicles must be available on the Buyer’s property, and the payment has to be made on that property. 
  • The Buyer must not sell or transfer the vehicle after the online date to a third party.
  • 15-days are required to confirm the Buyer’s eligibility when they want to buy back. An inspection is conducted and reviewed by the program administrator to verify the current vehicle condition at the time of purchase. 

 Under the following conditions will be considered valid: 

  • The vehicle’s condition has to be the same or better from the time of purchase as per the equipment detail page. 
  • For buyback requests, the vehicle must qualify for an inspection per R&R Used Autos
  • Corporation, Terms & Conditions.
  • Buy-Back Guarantee has to be availed at the time of purchase; afterward, it cannot be added or removed if already chosen. 
  • The refund period is from 24 to 48 hours after the transferable receipt of the Buyer from R&R Used Autos after the buyback is confirmed. 
  • The vehicle will remain on Buyer’s property after it is repurchased under Buy-Back Guarantee. R&R Used Autos will pick up the vehicle within 7 working days after confirming the refund receipt. Buyer has to pay for the marketing process in between that, including but not limited to inspection access, providing photographs, and facilitation vehicle pick up. 
  • The Buyer will bear all the losses and expenses relevant to the vehicles when R&R Used Autos repurchase it. These vehicles should not be used commercially and must be maintained carefully as per industrial standards. 
  • The refund will be made to the original Buyer 24 to 48 hours after the transferrable receipt of R&R Used Autos
  • Corporation confirms the buyback. 
  • Corporation reserves the right to limit the number of items the Buyer intends to buy back.
  • R&R Used Autos will purchase that Vehicle from the Customer at 100% of the purchase price originally paid
    by the Customer minus any documentation fees, shipping, taxes, or state fees or costs associated with
    the return of the Vehicle (the “Buy Back Price”).
  • We also need to mention , that everything is insured during this period unless the customer will be drunk or high in case of accident.
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